Are Preventative Health Researchers being Gagged?

Preventative Medicine doesn’t sell anything yet it saves thousands, if not millions, of lives every day.

Doctors who speak out publicly about how to pro-actively prevent serious health issues are often called out by their peers as “Medical Dissidents” for engaging with the public in public forums.

Many well known medical researchers and doctors who have made significant public health discoveries, have often had to face disciplinary hearings or lose their licenses for “Bringing the Profession into Disrepute”.

Investigating anything other than the status quo appears to be classed as disreputable behaviour, even if it saves lives or furthers the entire medical field.

Some famous Dissidents include:

Dr. Semmelweiss: An Obstetrician, who died of injuries after being forced into a mental asylum by his peers. He was declared “insane” for daring to suggest that Doctors may be transmitting “animalcules” that were able to cause illness and death. In short, his cure was ensuring that all his staff scrubbed their hands before and after EACH surgery.  At that time, germ theory was not yet discovered. Both Pasteur and Lister made their subsequent careers based on Semmelweiss’s inherent understanding of bacterial and viral transmission.


Dr. Bates, an Opthalmologist who published a book of simple eye exercises he developed, based on his understanding that the eye uses muscular actions of relaxing and contracting to focus the lenses, that allowed people to improve their sight without needing glasses. The most controversial part of his method involves allowing the sun to fall on the eyelids several times a day.  Science is only now starting to show how exposure to natural light is crucial for good development. Dr. Bates did not approve of constant sunglass wearing, and believed eyes needed to gently and slowly learn to adjust to varying light levels to avoid stress on the lenses and muscles of focus. Just lately, a new hypotheses suggests that sunglasses may be playing a role in depression.


Professor K.P. Buteyko, was a medical doctor and researcher who showed us that breathing is a medicine in itself, and how to manage asthma and other symptoms of chronic disease without always having to resort to medicine alone.  He spent years gathering his proof to back his hypotheses: That Dysfunctional Breathing is a major causal factor in all Disease. Despite all the understanding of how oxygen is crucial for life and health, Professor Buteyko’s simple practices to improve oxygen delivery to the cells were ignored and often ridiculed. Attempts to learn more, or event to conduct true medical trials of this method have often made “Accidental Dissidents” of those professionals seeking to understand how the method is able to enjoy such immense results among asthmatics, sleep apnoeics and others. Yet, Buteyko is still used and taught today with great success and has undergone several successful trials in many countries.


And now we can add The Two Doctors Mew, who both recently lost their registration for showing the public how to prevent orthodontic and airway issues.

These doctors are accused by the UK Dental Council of “Bringing the Medical Profession into Disrepute”.

Revoking a professional’s license – and in the process actually ending their right to earn and practice their profession, should never be taken lightly.

In this case, the two doctors (one is 90 years old and has been a practicing orthodontist for his entire career) did not get drunk in public, nor were they involved in any sex scandal or harrassment suits, they did not commit fraud, nor did they harrass their patients like the dentists in these linked articles. 

Their crime was to tell people all over the World how to best prevent orthodontic and airway health problems.

The two doctors were ordered to remove public videos on YouTube describing how to best to prevent malocclusion and improve airway and swallow functions.

This Video sparked the controversy that has ultimately cost two eminent professionals their license.  You be the judge.

Despite growing concerns over the UK’s Dental Health Crisis, the UK Dental Council sees fit to ban two professionals who are doing their best to ensure that people learn how to prevent dental problems.

Councils such as these should be assessed for whether they actually bring any value to their professions, or if in fact, they actually bring their profession into disrepute themselves by stifling science and research in preventative medicine.

Unfortunately for the Dental Council, not everyone wants to wear braces, have risky surgeries, take drugs, or use sleep apnoea machines.



The Two Mews should be congratulated for their public health endeavours to teach parents how to best prevent orthodontic and airway health issues, instead they are being sidelined.

I came across this interesting paper that shows how Medical Researchers (often accidental ones too – like practicing professionals who are active in their field) who make discoveries in preventative health or wish to research non-therapeutic or non-treatment options – are often marginalized as a general course of action, and that this marginalization often takes certain prescribed forms.

This marginalization is always designed to prevent further development of those medical hypotheses that do not fit the current status quo.

I quote here:

“Table 3. Some methods of active marginalization in medical research:

• State attacks

• De registration

• Restriction on entry

• Career blockages

• Lack of resources

• Editorial rejection

• Disincentives

• Belief system

• Peer pressure …

…Note that Table 3 refers to methods of active marginalisation. This is when supporters of orthodoxy take overt steps against challengers.

Far more common and difficult to deal with is what can be called passive marginalisation, for which neglect is the primary mechanism.

A scientist may present an unorthodox idea and not be overtly penalised, just greeted with silence and lack of interest. An example is the nutritional prevention of kidney stones by taking magnesium and vitamin B6 (Gerras, Hanna, Feltman, Bingham, Golant & Moyer, 1976). Arguably, if the researchers who discovered this mode of prevention had instead developed a proprietary drug or an expensive apparatus for eliminating kidney stones once they are formed, their ideas would have rapidly become standard practice but, without support from any powerful interests, their cheap and easy approach has been largely ignored.”


The paper also explains how to react and what steps to take, if you happen to be one of those researchers who is being actively marginalized.

It’s fascinating reading.


©Buteyko South Africa


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