The Right Mask for The Task

So we’ve heard a ton about why you need to wear a mask, and how it manages to reduce the risk of transmission of covid-19 during this current global pandemic.

But there is a mask for every task, and which mask is right for you?

Many people feel more comfortable with the “Neck Gaiter” instead of a face mask that fits over the nasal bridge. A Neck Gaiter is a type of extended bandanna that forms a softer drape over the face.

But new info just out reveals that Neck Masks of this variety; are not a good idea. In a really informative recent article in the Intellectualist, (you can read it in a new page by clicking the highlighted text) Dr. Amesh Adalja from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, was quoted; explaining that not all face coverings are doing what we expect them to:

“Given the rate of droplet transmission from neck fleeces and bandannas, he suggests that Americans move away from both coverings immediately. “I do think they should be abandoned, especially given that gaiters were shown to increase transmission,” says Adalja. “Not every mask is going to be equivalent. … I think that many people are just wearing these face coverings to check a box and not realizing that in order to serve a purpose they need to be effective.”

Find out which mask suits you best, but ensure its one that also reduces risks.

©M.Mitchell ButeykoSA


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