Buteyko South Africa Educator Training

Buteyko South Africa offers two on-site training programs every year, in April and again in August.

The April Program is for existing Health Professionals, and is ideal for dental assistants, nurses, bodywork therapists, homeopaths, naturopaths and others who have completed some form of anatomy training.  This course offers three training modules to complete over ten days of full time study, with a weekend break in the middle.

The August Program is for those who have not undertaken any anatomy training and is a fifteen day training program, with several days off.

The training includes assignments related to: anatomy and physiology, theory and practice of Buteyko Method, client’s holistic breathing assessment and client management, structuring and adjusting of Buteyko programs according to client’s health situation, general practical breathing coaching and troubleshooting,  the observation and participation in a Buteyko program at a Buteyko SA client community clinic, observing the Buteyko method in action. After completing the training program, the Associate Educator is automatically included in a mentoring program which assists and supervises with the first cases. This is in accordance with standard “Best Practice” protocols of all good Buteyko training institutions (and health practitioner training in general) across the globe.

Minimum requirements are:

RSA Senior Certificate or equivalent. Applicants need to be at least 21 years of age. Buteyko SA reserves the right to choose candidates based on their eligibility, dynamics within the training group and previous training. Space is very limited and there are usually no more than six students at a time.

Fee includes notes, training manuals, mentoring program, and at least 6GB of collated, practical client and educator resources for beginning your practice of Buteyko. These includes power point presentations, client handouts and workbooks, media clips, scientific and media articles related to Buteyko and breathing in general. Accommodation, meals and travel is for your own account.

Please email buteykosa@gmail.com for a prospectus or more information.


11-25 April 2018, Montagu, Western Cape R15 500

13-31 August 2018, Montagu Western Cape. R18 500




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