Buteyko South Africa Programs

Buteyko programs and workshops show you practical, easy ways to help your condition to remain under control and to prevent symptoms at home. After all, there’s so much more to health than just taking medicines.

Following a Buteyko program will help you to manage stress, discover “hidden” triggers, teach you first aid measures, maintenance exercises and awareness techniques that will reduce your symptoms. It will also teach you how to effectively modify your diet, exercise plan and behaviour patterns without incurring stress. Buteyko uses the body’s own self healing and regulating mechanisms to increase oxygen levels without effort, and effect positive and lasting changes to chronic health conditions.

Many chronic health sufferers instinctively know that their breathing style, rhythm and depth is different to others.  Despite doing their best to maintain healthy trigger free environments and lifestyles, most of them still suffer with symptoms of chronic illness that need daily medicine to keep in check.

But many people don’t realize that their breathing is having a serious effect on their condition and contributing to their symptoms. We take it for granted that breathing adjusts itself, but after years of coping with illness and stress, that mechanism may not be as fluid or receptive as many of us would like. When our respiratory settings are dampened, there is less opportunity for oxygen delivery.

Any change in your breathing will cause a change in oxygen delivery to your tissues – and continual breathing dysfunction also implies continual loss of oxygen to the brain and tissues that need it to survive.

That’s why breathing also needs to be brought back to balance in order to assist with long term management and reduction of symptoms. Buteyko is usually able to correct breathing and balance it, safely, effectively, and without drugs, devices, yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises.




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