Breathing matters: the Buteyko perspective: An interview with Buteyko SA founder, by Claudia Juarez:

Claudia Juárez is a Clinical Psychologist, Stress expert and Health and Wellbeing Consultant. Claudia directs Transforma tu Estrés, a consulting firm focused in Organizacional Stress Management and Wellness programs. She has dedicated the last decade to improving her clients health. She is also the author of Todo lo que quería saber sobre el estrés de la A a la Z, published for Manual Moderno (2019)

This interview was held during pandemic, considering the huge impact that breathing can have in our health and wellbeing. Thanks to Melody Mitchell, Buteyko Method Educator Trainer and Buteyko Educator; Founder Buteyko South Africa, Founder Member BSAA

What is the importance of breathing?

Breathing is vital for life, because it is our primary method of getting oxygen into our bodies. So breathing health *should* be the most important aspect of health that we focus on, because breath IS life.

As the old wise folk tell us: If we breathe well, we will live well. All cells need a constant supply of oxygen or they will die. Therefore; breathing needs to be constantly adjusting to external and internal factors to maintain this constant supply of air in order to efficiently produce energy on demand. When breathing is disordered, oxygen supply is also disordered. Without efficient oxygenation, the body will struggle to maintain normal energy levels. These continual losses of energy can result in symptoms throughout the organism….

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