Stress Triggers

You can hack your breathing for a few minutes a day, but you cannot change it long term until you understand your personal and unique stress triggers.

Breathing matters: the Buteyko perspective: An interview with Buteyko SA founder, by Claudia Juarez:

Claudia Juárez is a Clinical Psychologist, Stress expert and Health and Wellbeing Consultant. Claudia directs Transforma tu Estrés, a consulting firm focused in Organizacional Stress Management and Wellness programs. She has dedicated the last decade to improving her clients health. She is also the author of Todo lo que quería saber sobre el estrés de la A... Continue Reading →

Is Wearing a Mask Unmasking Your Hidden Hyperventilation?

When breathing increases in response to any stimulus, it can create stress which can lead to negative physical reactions in susceptible people. Wearing a mask creates a slight reduction in airflow, which causes a compensatory response of over-breathing (hyperventilation). Hyperventilation is a well documented cause of many diverse symptoms in all humans. With people who... Continue Reading →

A Mouth Full Of Teeth?

Is your dentist recommending extractions and braces? You need to read this first: Your breathing pattern determines your teeth placement. Yep. You read it right. How you breathe determines how straight or skewed your teeth will become.  And eminent dentists, like Dr. John Flutter and Professor John Mew both agree: If you breathe through your... Continue Reading →

Booze can Increase Lung Injury Risk

Alcohol is a legally permitted drug that is considered to be the "third leading lifestyle related cause of death in the USA".  Some people react badly to just one drink, and others need a huge amount daily just to maintain their "functional alcoholism".  Depending on where you live; the facts change and opinions on "safe"... Continue Reading →

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