Stress Triggers

You can hack your breathing for a few minutes a day, but you cannot change it long term until you understand your personal and unique stress triggers.

Breathing matters: the Buteyko perspective: An interview with Buteyko SA founder, by Claudia Juarez:

Claudia Juárez is a Clinical Psychologist, Stress expert and Health and Wellbeing Consultant. Claudia directs Transforma tu Estrés, a consulting firm focused in Organizacional Stress Management and Wellness programs. She has dedicated the last decade to improving her clients health. She is also the author of Todo lo que quería saber sobre el estrés de la A... Continue Reading →

Sleep Apnoea: Pause for Thought:

Most people don't think that snoring should be something you need medical attention for. That may not be true. While some cases of snoring can be overcome with small lifestyle changes, most people are not aware of any snoring problems until they have spiraled out of control and are leading to apnoeas which may be... Continue Reading →

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