Asthmatic Kids Drop Out Early: Why?

Studies show that asthmatics are likely to leave school unqualified. We explore this issue.


Up In Smoke: How Wood Smoke is Killing us.

South Africans love to Barbecue. We've even sealed this love with a National Holiday devoted to the practice, and celebrate the act of cooking food on an open fire as a cultural pastime that most of us share.  And we are not alone. In almost every part of the world, there is something 'romantic' about... Continue Reading →

Alcohol and Your Lungs

Alcohol is a legally permitted drug. Some people react badly to just one drink, and others need a huge amount daily just to maintain their "functional alcoholism". Depending on whether you live in a wine or whisky producing country, or one that follows sha'ria law; the facts change and opinions on "safe" doses or "units"... Continue Reading →

Sleep Apnoea: Pause for Thought:

Most people don't think that snoring should be something you need medical attention for. That may not be true. While some cases of snoring can be overcome with small lifestyle changes, most people are not aware of any snoring problems until they have spiraled out of control and are leading to apnoeas which may be... Continue Reading →

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