Asthma: There’s Another Way

Asthma affects at least ten percent of the South African population. South Africa has the fourth highest asthma mortality rate in the world. It is estimated that at least twenty percent of South African children attending school are also medicated for asthma. We cannot know if these statistics are likely to misdiagnosis, as the tests for asthma currently used in the South African national health system are not conclusive. A huge percentage of people diagnosed with asthma and panic attacks may be suffering from Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome, a diagnosis that is often overlooked as it is difficult to treat using medicines alone.

Asthma and allergy drugs can contribute to mortality rates. New evidence suggests that after long term use, certain chronic medications can make you more likely to suffer from a cardiac event and / or dementia.

The side effects of asthma and hay fever medications are often enough to discourage correct usage. Misuse of asthma drugs contributes to worsening asthma.

It’s time to make a change.

Save your body, save the planet and try addressing the root cause of your breathing problem.Take a look at HOW your breathing is affecting your condition and contributing to your increasing need for medication.

Break the cycle.

Use the Buteyko Method instead.


When taught the approved and clinically trialed program by a properly trained practitioner, Buteyko has been proven to reduce chronic asthma symptoms by over 70%. As most asthma and allergy medications are based on symptomatic relief, when symptoms go away and stay away, you do not require medication.

Studies show how the Buteyko Method can help previously uncontrolled medicated asthmatics to regain control over their asthma whilst also reducing medication – 96% reduction in bronchodilators and 49% reduction in cortico-steroid controller / preventer medications in a few short weeks.

This means that people who use Buteyko have fewer symptoms, experience a rapid reduction in emergency room interventions and use less medicine. They also all report a 100% increase in quality of life, which means that using Buteyko exercises helped people feel well enough to engage in normal activity and moderate exercise without fear of symptoms returning.

Doctors do not have time in their busy schedules to conduct breath retraining programs, and the patients immediate need for symptomatic control means that medicine must be prescribed. Life saving medications are absolutely essential and no Buteyko instructor will ever tell you to abstain from them.Doctors in many parts of the world have learned about Buteyko and recommend it as a logical, sound approach to addressing dysfunctional breathing and Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome.

A properly trained Buteyko Instructor will teach you how to monitor your condition and keep a record or chart of your experiences to show your doctor before s/he decides whether it is safe for you to reduce medication.

Buteyko is a valid intervention for asthma, especially as an adjunct program to traditional asthma treatment, according to Calgary University’s Dr. R Cowie.

This means that Buteyko can help you address symptoms for long term asthma control while the medicine helps you in the short term. Buteyko can also help to reduce anxiety associated with respiratory dysfunction because it teaches tools for calming and stabilizing breathing and heart rate. Buteyko breathing techniques reduce the risk associated with uncontrolled medicated asthma as these patients are able to achieve control using breathing techniques, thereby reducing emergency room and paramedic interventions when medicines are unavailable or are not working effectively due to hyperventilation responses and incorrect applications.

Breathing correctly using a Buteyko program tailored to your needs begins the physiological process of retraining the respiratory centre of the brain. This allows the brain to make changes that will help you to overcome symptoms of asthma, hay fever and panic without needing to resort to emergency medications. After time, the body begins to experience fewer inflammatory responses due to the change in breathing style, and more oxygen uptake is experienced. This allows for less chronic medication and some people can even safely go off medications altogether. (Although we do recommend that you carry your SABA inhaler with you in case of shock or trauma, however if you don’t have one with you, using Buteyko exercises may allow you to self rescue and stay alive in the event of an emergency until you can get medical help.)

The cost of a Buteyko program is a once off fee that is an investment in your health and longevity. Buteyko is proven to work. What use is medication if you have to take more and more of it to effect the same results? Get more from your medication in the short term and learn how to manage without it in the future.

Buteyko is the balanced approach. Balance is Key.

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