New Research links Asthma Inhalers to increased risk of Autism:

It has come to light that babies exposed to asthma rescue inhalers in utero, may have an increased risk of developing Autistic Disorders. A previous study suggested that  that SABA drugs are able to cross the placenta barrier, and may affect developing neurons in the foetus. This was followed up by another study to determine... Continue Reading →


Finding Healing Through Breathing

So many people have no idea that embarking on a Buteyko program is a journey of self awareness and self discovery. For many people, it is the first time they ever get to concentrate solely on themselves and their breathing. The word "Psyche" - which forms the basis of words we use to express our... Continue Reading →

Asthma: There’s Another Way

Asthma affects at least ten percent of the South African population. South Africa has the fourth highest asthma mortality rate in the world. It is estimated that at least twenty percent of South African children attending school are also medicated for asthma. We cannot know if these statistics are likely to misdiagnosis, as the tests... Continue Reading →

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