New Research links Asthma Inhalers to increased risk of Autism:

It has come to light that babies exposed to asthma rescue inhalers in utero, may have an increased risk of developing Autistic Disorders.

A previous study suggested that  that SABA drugs are able to cross the placenta barrier, and may affect developing neurons in the foetus.breastfeeding-2090396_1920

This was followed up by another study to determine if there was an increased risk of developing Autism after exposure to B2Agonist Asthma medications in utero.

Mothers with uncontrolled asthma are at risk of poor birth outcomes due to stress and other factors such as medicine use. Buteyko is a very well known and trusted adjunct health program that allows mothers an opportunity to regain control of their symptoms without needing more medicines or other “alternative” substances that may put baby at risk.

Early Pregnancy is not ideal time to embark on a Buteyko program, unless you are able to undertake an in-person, one-on-one program where you will be correctly assessed and the method adapted to suit your specific requirements. However, getting control of your asthma is of utmost importance, so this should be your number one goal for healthy conception and pregnancy.

The findings reported here were released in this study:


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